Sunday, 24 January 2016

Clone troopers vs Storm troopers

Today, I'm going to show you a battle scene me and my little brother did. We did it so that the clone troopers were against the storm troopers because we had a lot of the pair. We even used an Abaton to create the effect that a storm trooper was talking to Darth Sidious. It was set in the forest and the story behind it was that there was an elite group of clone troopers who did not follow order 66 and instead rebelled against the storm troopers. However, there were tons of storm troopers so they had to recruit some jedis and wookies to help them. 
Let's start on the clone trooper side of things. They are defending their territory so they are dug in for defence. On your right, you can see a cannon (built by my brother), manned by a clone trooper who is gunning down anyone who gets in the way. Also, you might be able to see Luke Skywalker with the legendary black lightsaber, standing next to his dead companion. 

Also, there are fences which you can see and valiant clone troopers defending their territory at all costs. There is a lot of cover for them to hide amongst and you might be able to see the clone trooper has has bits of leaf on his guns. In addition, there is a speeder which was a set I got for my birthday as a present. Finally, Mace Windu has a piece of dynamite in his hand and he is ready to use it on anything which comes his way. That's about it for the clone side of things. Now, to move onto the storm trooper section.

To start with, I'm going to say that the storm troopers have lost a lot of soldiers because the clones have too much power. That is why there are a lot of them dying on the floor. They have not been in this part of the forest before and have chosen the wrong place to attack; there is hardly any vegetation apart from a whacking great oak tree. The only surviving storm troopers are the ones who are not on the front line. Or, even if they are, they'll probably be dead soon...

 Here are the storm troopers on the front line. One is being strangled by a jedi and the others are ill equipped, having only pistols or swords. However, the clones have no idea they have let a poisonous snake loose which will kill anything it comes across. The clone troopers must kill it quick or else they will have no chance of survival. You can see it on the left, slithering through a fence.


On top of the oak tree, there is Darth Vader with a mighty grenade gun. With the height advantage, he poses a real threat if he cannot be stopped. Also, in the background, there is another speeder which has no idea Mace Windu looks to blow it up. 

So, who will win? The clones or the storm troopers? They seem equally matched so there is no telling who will win. Want to have a say on it though? If so, be sure to comment on it. 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lakeside lodge

It's just been my birthday so I've got a few extra Lego sets. The one I will show today is the Lakeside lodge. In my opinion, it's a great set which is easy to build and has got good value for money. With all the Creator sets, it has a lot of detail and the colour scheme also makes it such a cool set. There's even a moose which comes with it which looks amazing!
On the right, you can see the front view of the lakeside lodge which contains the minifigure with a fishing rod, the cabin behind him and a few other things.
 In the picture on your left, there is a closer inspection of the character and the fish he is cooking. In addition, there is a lamp, the moose and a shovel. If you look closely, you can even   see the texture of the walls.                    
 It opens up as well and inside you might be able to see a quill, a bed and a window to enjoy the nice view outside. Again ,the colour scheme is good with the green, brown and yellow bonding together. I haven't put a picture of this, but on the other side of it, there is a kitchen-almost with a stove and a cup of coffee.
 Finally, there is the back view of it with a tree, a chimney and some other parts of the house. As I conclude this post, I have to say that this is a super good set which I would definitely recommend to someone who wanted to start building Lego.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Lego stop motion animations

Today, I wish everyone a fantastic new year as I show you some of the Lego stop motion videos I have been making over the past few months. They are much more improved than the ones I've done in 2013 and they are only a few minutes long so I think it's worth watching them. All you need to do is click on the link below and it will take you there.

Here is the first one:

Here is the second one:

This is the last one:

I hope you have a really good new years day and that's all for me today.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Lego Creator Cinema

Now, I haven't written that many posts this year. In fact, I've only done two. In 2013, I managed 37. Even though I have started at high school, I want my new year's resolution to be making more Blog posts for you to enjoy.

Today, I am going to show you one AMAZING Christmas present. This must be one of my favourite Lego sets; the Lego cinema. My parents got this for me and it took my about six hours straight to build. In addition, it has a whopping 2194 pieces and stickers. If I'm correct, it is the 2nd largest Lego set I have built (the death star sitting first with over 3000 pieces!).

This appearance of this is so magnificent and grand and I really appreciate the people who designed it, every detail being shown. I feel very fortunate to have this as I know it does cost quite a bit of money. However, most Lego Creator sets do as they are so stunning and it is very precise. I'm just amazed you can build something so cool from tiny bricks.

As you can see, on the picture on the right we have a, almost limousine-like-car, some posters of the movies on the left side, heavy doors, spotlights and an old-styled look about it.

There are three floors to it: the ground floor where you buy tickets and confectionery, the second floor where the movies happen and the third floor is open to the air and is pretty bland. Now, I'm going to show some pictures of it. Be prepared to see some amazing detail!

 Above: A spotlight (of which there are two).
 Left: A closer look at the heavy, thick pair of doors.

Left: A cool sticker advertising the next movie 'Three clicks and a snap' starring Minnie Figure. I also like the gold lights around it. It makes it stand out quite a bit.

 Left: The look of the first floor on the right hand side with the other spotlight, a lamppost and a pair of windows showing the counter. There are also two arcs and an amazing pillar in the centre.
 Left: The overview of the third floor. It almost has a Chinese sort of feel to it which I liked.
Left: Like I said, the third floor is pretty bland although it should be shouldn't it? The most noticeable feature is the door set at a 90 degree angle.

 Left: The overview of the second floor which is quite detailed with lots of windows showing the cinema inside.
 Left: I absolutely love this camera! The style of it is really cool and I thought it was a really clever design. In the background you can also see some seats for people to watch the film.
Left: Two characters almost addressing the audience although I did put them in a random spot!
 Left: This is the film in progress which makes it feel more like an old cinema however, I do like the curtains around it.
 Left: This is just another overview of inside where you can also see the steps leading to the third floor.
 Left: So, this is on the first floor or ground floor, where there is some sweets to buy, a popcorn machine and a drinks dispenser.
 Left: I really like the look of these stairs as they are incredibly complex (I know this because I built it) and detailed.
Left: So ,this is the counter where I assume people buy tickets or pay for additional components like confectionery.
 Left: This is the overview of the first floor which is the most detailed overview as there is so much going on.

Left: Now, you may be wondering why I showed the back of it though I have showed it because it shows that even at the back, it has details of worn away bricks and different layers.

Thank you for reading about this. Remember to like and comment!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fairground ride

Today, I'll be showing a carousel which I made myself. I really like it the way it came out.It took me about 3-4 hours and my back was getting so achy! I hope you like the carousel too.

 What!? A robot is controlling the carousel!
Yep, it's controlled by C3PO. Not only that but it's the new C3PO which I love so much. The detail is so intricate on him. Anyway, C3PO is in charge of the speed of the horses (by the way there's an option to go to 50mph and there are no seatbelt : P ). So at the moment, the lives of 3 children lye in the hands of him. The little pod he's in is really cool though and, just in case, he has a rifle to shoot anyone who tries to hurt him.

At the very top of the carousel, there are 4 statues used for decorative purposes. One of them is a knight with a blunt sword. Next to him is the star wars Darth Sidious' personal guards. They look so cool so I had to put him up there. Next to him is Chewbacca, the new version. Finally, there is a Geonosian bug thing from star wars.

And then, there were the pedestrians.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

How to make an AWESOME flame-thrower

Today, I'll be showing you how to make a flame-thrower out of Lego. The pieces you'll need are really easy to get as well. Above are the pieces you'll need to build it. Below are the instructions in order to build it. If you want more tutorials on building weapons for your Lego characters, leave a comment below.                                          
Step 1
Step 2
Step 4
Step 3
Step 5
Step 6

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Zombie Lego Base

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but today, I am going to show you my biggest Lego base yet. It's not exactly Lego Star Wars, it's a zombie vs Clones and Lego City people. Now, without delay, I will begin. 

Back story: Well, the zombies have somehow risen form the grave and have destroyed most of the world. The only alive people left are the Zombie defense team.These people do not have much ammunition, guns or transportation, but they do have a place to call home. It has protected them for years and the zombies haven't attacked in that time. The zombies think they are no threat. Not until they realize they are building a machine which could destroy all of them. All the people have to do is get it to work somehow and then it has to warm up for a few hours. The zombies then send in their whole army to try and annihilate everyone and destroy the machine. The people have built up powerful defenses though to keep them from coming in. The people have separated all their men into 5 different groups. These are the annihilation team, the scout team, the sniper team, the technician team and builders. The lowest class out of all of these are the technician team.

Defenses: In this paragraph, I will be telling you about all of the defenses. The first one is the turret. It is built high up on a tower next to the weapon shop. This is their main defense, controlled by their most accurate shooter. This turret mows down wave after wave of zombies. Only to keep them back though. There is no stopping the zombies, only holding them back and forcing them to flee. The turret is on top of a tower for height advantage. The tower also has it's own mechanism. In the picture, you can see two blue guns. Those are also another defense.
The next defense is minor but still has an important roll. These are the barriers. There is a wall of sandstone, almost as high as the people themselves. The walls are smoothed and sticking out so therefore it will be harder to climb or destroy them. Although, one zombie has got through a piece of the wall by destroying it and has left a gap for the other zombies to get through. The side walls are higher but more delicate so the people should watch out for that. If the side entrance gets destroyed, it's game over for them. If they get destroyed, there will be a never ending amount of zombies flowing through.

The next defense is the machine gun artillery unit. These are from a set I bought in France. It can only kill zombies on a particular area. It isn't their best defense but every little helps when you are being attacked by a horde of vicious zombies. The defense they have I am talking about now is not yellow, so it sticks out like a sour thumb. It doesn't need to be operated though. It is an automatic firing machine gun.The final defense is a low range bomb cannon which fires form a stick bombs. Once the bomb hits the ground, it sticks onto any surface and detonates on impact. It takes a while to reload and then it fires again. It has to be manned in order to fire and aim it. Since it is low range, it can stop zombies from trying to destroy the wall although while it is reloading, the wall is an open target. The cannon is also light which helps to move it backwards and forwards to get the range smaller or longer. If  a zombie touches it, it will burst into flame, killing all the zombies around it.
These are all the defenses. Each one is useful in it's own way. Without them, they would all be dead. All of them were built by me and I hope you like them. Send a comment on what you think of them.

Vehicles: The vehicles in this MOC are very important. To throw the zombies further away from the battlefield by splattering them or shooting them plays a huge role for the vehicles. All of them are equipped with lots of different weapons. I think some of these vehicles are pretty awesome. Tell me in the comments below whether you like them.

The first vehicle is a scout patrol vehicle. It used for scouting the graveyards and can be used in big attacks. Overall, it is a good vehicle, it comes in handy when fighting a battle like this. It is a small vehicle and can carry 1 driver, 1 gunner and 4 shooters. Of course, they didn't use that amount in this picture. They wanted to have more people guarding the base then fighting in the battlefield, which, I think is a good choice. In the picture is a technician (driving the scout vehicle), a sniper, and 2 defenders. The builders don't really fight.
The next vehicle is from a set of the Old Republic, but I made a few justifications. Like the blue gun attachments. That is not part of the Old Republic set I got. It has a builder driving because even the builders want to help out as much as they can. This vehicle, again, is a small, agile one but probably has less firepower then the last one.
The final vehicle gives you a little bit of Batman for all the fans of Lego Batman. This vehicle can carry 1 driver and 3 shooters. Where the shooter actually is, is a vulnerable spot and zombies normally go for them. They have tried to camouflage the car for night missions, but unfortunately, they are fighting in the day. The only piece of camouflage they have on them is some moss. two shooters, in the picture are back to back. In the car is one builder and 3 defense people. This car is big and the wheels are gigantic. This car is used for splattering enemies that get in their way.

The weapons: Don't worry, I'm not going to show you all of the pictures. This probably long enough as it is. But I am going to show you my favorite weapon. All of these are custom weapons I made myself. On the right of this screen is my favorite weapon. Not the sniper at the back. The rocket launcher gun is my favorite. I just like the look of it. It looks good with the sniping thing in front of his face and how it's slung around his shoulder. It just looks great. Tell me what you think of it in the comments. You are free to build this gun if you want to use it in a video or something. You just have to make it yourself.

The battlefield:

I quite like how I did this. I have zombies clambering over things, all in different forms. In the picture you can also see Captain Rex having his legs and arms pulled apart by four different zombies. Yes, he will die and turn into one of the zombies. The car returns too late to save him. Also in the battlefield, is the landscape. On top of my football field, growing awry, are leaves and moss and overgrown grass and weeds. Also in the picture, you can see the zombie breaking through the wall and another climbing over a fence.
This is the secret weapon they have been constructing. I know it doesn't look like much but it is the key to ending the zombie's reign of terror. With this, they can stop the zombies!!!